DIET = Fat loss


(confusion often occurs)



Exercise is commonly thought to transform physiques but how many people have you seen go to the gym for years with little or no visible change! Yet the same can not be said of diet.


Diet and exercise in combination is a potent formula that yields rapid results. 


After coaching clients since 1998, I can say with certainty that fat loss results come from diet and shape improvement comes from strength training.

If you really want to see change then you need a Coach who is going to address both exercise AND diet.  

I offer this holistic approach using evidence based programme design that incorporates gymnastic strength training and specialist Glute training protocols. 


Training with me ensures that:


1. Your individual shape, strength and flexibility needs are analysed and addressed. 


2. You have an intelligent and progressive training plan based on the latest proven research.


3. You’re given the support and coaching that you need to achieve your goals. 

Heavy Weights
Personal  Training

1-4x weekly sessions.

Calisthenic & Strength coaching. 

After your consultation and assessment a periodised programme will be created based on the your goals and utilising the latest proven research. 

Be coached through your workouts with perfect biomechanics and correct muscle activation.

Dirt Coaching

Monthly bodyfat measurements

& diet guidance.

All my clients benefit from detailed diet coaching using proven nutritional strategies to accelerate fat loss and improve definition.


You will receive help with meal plans and have your diet optimised to ensure the fastest possible progress.


Would you like to...

- Improve your shape?

- Become more defined?

- Increase your flexibility? 

Then contact me below and I will get back to you within 48 hours. 




Science based programme design and professional coaching through strength training, intervals and flexibility work that is tailored to your body and goals. 

30mins or 60mins sessions. 



After studying Sports Science Peter began working in the heath & fitness industry in 1998 where he progressed from Fitness Instructor to Personal Trainer, to Corrective Exercise Specialist, to Certified Strength Coach and nutritionalist.

Having both an extensive amount of academic knowledge and practical experience has given his clients exceptional results. 

Peter has continued his education and professional development over the years and has learnt from the world's leading experts like Charles Poliquin (the famous Olympic coach), natural bodybuilding champions and bikini competitors.

Peter has lectured at colleges and schools and has been featured frequently in the media, including FHM, Zest magazine, Suff,, Trendhunter, T3, Pocket-Lint, and the London Lite newspaper.